Resources from my talk to Cardiff Heads 24th April 2008

A Curriculum for developing skills and intelligences

I had hoped to make the audio available, but I'd had some problems recovering it. Here is a brief overview of my talk, including links to videos and additional resources. Slides are included at the end. If you have any questions, or would like to visit Olchfa to have a look at some of the SMART lessons, please feel free to contact me at

USK_presentation.004.jpgWe started with an extract from Sir Ken Robinson's talk at TED entitled 'Do schools kill creativity?'

We explored the idea that an education built for the transfer of knowledge is no longer fit for purpose in which knowledge is no longer scarce.

Olchfa started to develop SMART to address two specific issues:
  • The increased demand for 'spoon feeding' from pupils at Key Stage 4&5
  • Changing nature of our intake

It was developed in house by a group of 11 teachers who looked at various other schools, including John Cabot in Bristol, and used our existing resources and imaginations to resource the pilot year.

USK_presentation.009.jpgMuch of what I talked about in terms of developing SMART and how it is operating can be found in this document.

Our Successes
  • Self Evaluation
  • Motivation
  • Able and willing to 'have a go'
  • Research and Presentation
  • Teamwork
  • Transition

Areas being developed
  • Working by themselves
  • Assessment - moving from a 'passport' to a 'portfolio' that tracks skills, in the style of the Welsh Bac
  • Moving 'SMART' approach into other subject areas to break down perception of SMART as a 'different' lesson.

How are other people doing it?

Questions to ask

  • Which model fits us best?
  • How are we going to sell it?
  • Who's going to deign it / teach it / lead it?
  • How does it fit with the rest of the curriculum?

One thing to take away
Provide the time and resources to your staff. That’s what this is about, creating the time for learning, and that will apply to both your staff and your students.


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